Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer in Seattle part 5

The last day we were in Seattle we went to Pike Place Market and the waterfront. One of my favorite restaurants is on the waterfront, The Fisherman's. It has the best clam chowder I have ever tasted. Brandon I went there right after we got married and I have going there every time I'm in Seattle since. The market is the best too. They have so many vendors selling things from fresh fish, fruits and veggies, flowers, and handmade crafts like T shirts, jewelry, and paintings. It is a culture festival everyday and so much fun to walk around looking at all the cool stuff. I really like their candy coated nuts (raspberry honey almonds, yum) and fresh made doughnuts. We bought 4lbs of steamer clams for $20 and a big think of smoked salmon which is my fav. I ever brought the salmon home so Brandon could get a taste of Seattle. Jackson loved looking at all the people and the flowers especially. We had to carry Jack most of the time because it was so crowded but he still loved it. Then we went to the pier where he fed the pigeons. It was so cute because he wanted them to take the bread out of his hand but they would never get that close. So he would hold the bread out and when they wouldn't take it he would just pop it into his own mouth. Silly boy.

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