Monday, December 7, 2009

Can you take our picture please?

Today I made my family get to together to take a picture for our Christmas card. Let me tell you. . .they are not picture people. You are probably thinking how can they not be picture people when I have a camera in their faces all the time. Well, posing for pictures is not easy with a wandering 20 month old, a husband that could care less about pictures, and a baby that doesn't smile unless she wants to. I had my sister-in-law take the pictures, which is nice because she is an inspiring photographer and needs the practice. She tried her best but my family was not cooperating. She took 15 picture of the same pose and I only got one that was usable. I think I take for granted the fact that I am behind the camera most of the time.

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The Parke Family said...

Jess - you look amazing though! I am so proud of how quickly you are getting back into shape!!!