Thursday, December 17, 2009

chocolate chocolate chocolate

Every year around Christmas time Brandon's mom makes tons and tons of chocolates. It is a tradition carried down from her mother and I am lucky enough to help out since living in AZ. We made fondants, caramels, truffles, peanut butter cups, marshmallow caramels, coconut balls, cheezit bites, and many many more. I think we made over 500 chocolates today and more to make tomorrow. We pass them out to friends and neighbors and save a lot to eat at home. Now dipping chocolates is not an easy task. My arms are sore from chopping chocolate, my hands are numb from rolling the chocolate insides, and my back is aching from standing up all day. It is all worth it when we are done and I need the work out since I am snacking a lot of the time we are working.This is just a few of the many.Cameron was helpful with the rolling and chopping chocolate.Jackson spent most of his time eating the chocolates.

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Brianna said...

How fun. I wish I could be there.