Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Half Way Point

Well Elizabeth is 6 months old now. We have officially reached the half way point of the first year and let me tell you it couldn't be better. She is such a little sweetheart. Just content as can be. Happy, healthy, loves her brother, and so cute. I thought Jackson was a good baby but compared to Lizzy he was a challenge. She is so laid back and lovable. Likes to snuggle, play with her toys, watch Jackson, kiss mom, be tickled, grab her toes and just be around people. Here are a few other things she is doing these days:

-rolls over as soon as we put her on her tummy and just smiles at me when she does it
-eating baby food including rice cereal, oatmeal, bananas, peas (hates them), sweet potatoes (hates them more), squash (loves it), applesauce, and peaches
-still takes naps in her swing and sleeps in the bassinet (but will be moving out soon)
-likes playing peek-a-boo with both mom and Jackson
-still has beautiful crystal blue eyes
-loves standing on our legs, hates sitting up on the couch
-not sitting up on her own yet
-makes razz noises and talks like she knows everything
-sleeps 12 hours every night
-prefers to be facing out when being held so she can see what is going on
-loves the bath
-can make the walker go forward and backward
-loves being naked
-no teeth yet but drooling like a faucet so I am sure they will poke through soon

She is such a gorgeous baby, I know Brandon and I are going to have to keep an eye on her. I have had so much fun with her over the past 6 months watching her grow and change and I am just so glad she is my sweet little Lizzy bug.

On another note for those wondering about post baby mama I am still pumping (planning on doing it the full year if I can), and maintaining my pre-baby weight but still working on losing another 10lbs. I know when Lizzy starts crawling it will be no problem to lose the weight chasing after a crawler and a 2 year old ;)


The Griegers said...

It is so hard to believe that she is 6 months old! She IS a gorgeous girl and looks so much like you! You are one hot mama and look fabulous, dont stress too much over those 10 pounds ;) Hope to see you soon girly, we have missed ya!

Jill Carilli said...

You have such a gorgeous family. xo