Friday, March 19, 2010

Wait and Delivery

Today was delivery day. We were suppose to get all the appliances for the new house today including the washer and dryer. Well first, last night I was laying in bed talking with Brandon about the house and we decided (after we already bought a fridge and oven) that we want to upgrade to stainless steel. So I call Sears in the morning and cancel the delivery and we have to go through the whole return process. I know it will be worth it in the end.

Anyways, the washer and dryer are still on for delivery today and get this Lowes gives us a delivery window of 12-4pm. THAT'S RIGHT! 4 hours of waiting for a delivery at a house that has no furniture, and no floors, and 85 degrees outside. Did I mention I have to take both kids because the Stoker's are on a Caribbean cruise? So I am hoping and praying that Elizabeth will sleep most of the time and the delivery will be more towards 12 and less towards 4. I prepare myself with McDonald's for lunch (we had a picnic), lots of snacks, lots of water, and some small toys. The first hour flew by because Lizzy slept and Jackson and I just had our lunch. Then we went inside and played for a bit and I fed Lizzy. Well two hours passed, all the workers left and we were still hanging inside the house with no delivery truck in sight. So we went and played in the car in the open garage. Thankfully Jackson LOVES the car. He thinks it is so fun to sit and pretend he is driving, or climb all over the seats. So we played in the car, went for a short drive around the block a few dozen times (the kids were in their car seats, no driving for Jackson yet), and still no delivery truck. Oh yes, 4pm and no delivery truck. I called Lowes and they had NO IDEA where the truck was or when the delivery was going to take place. So I gave up and went home to make dinner and take care of two very crabby children.

Well on the way home from work Brandon receives a call from Lowes saying they will be there at 5pm so he stopped by on the way home to meet them. They finally installed the washer and dryer, hooked them up to make sure they worked and as they are leaving Brandon notices a small puddle forming under the washer. Turns out there was a cut in the hose. Thankfully Brandon caught the Lowes delivery men before they left, they loaded the washer in the truck, and are bringing us a new one. But now I have to go through that delivery process all over again! AHHHH. Why can't they just call when they are almost there and I can go over and meet them? Why does this have to be so hard? Why did I waste my entire day doing nothing but waiting around for nothing?

Okay, now I feel better and got the frustration out. It is hard to be mad when it is something that you just can't control.

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Jill Carilli said...

Sorry that happened to you. I know a lot of companies are now taking down a cell number and providing it to the driver so that the driver can call and give you notice. Maybe Lowes can do that for you in light of what happened today... Good Luck!