Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stoker Update

We have been so busy around here I haven't even checked my email in 3 days! Yikes. Usually I check my email 3 times a day. Here is what has been taking up all our time.

-We bought a house. It was a foreclosure that Brandon's dad bought and we decided to go with it and totally update the whole house. This included all new floors, granite counters in both the kitchen and bathrooms, new appliances, new light fixtures, paint, and landscaping work. It has been really fun to pick out all the stuff I love for the house, almost like getting a new house, but very stressful too.

-Jackson has been talking more and more. He says a few 3 word sentences and is using new words every day. He has been letting up on the tantrums too which is good for mom. Lately he has been driving me crazy because he hasn't been eating very well lots of junk and very little real food. Some days are good some not so good. I guess that is typical of toddlers but it is something that I have trouble. He likes doing Sat. chores with the family including mowing the lawn and watering the plants.Wearing dad's shoes.

-Lizzy got her helmet today. It was harder on me than her. I think of it as having braces, kind of uncomfortable at first but then you get used to it. She didn't seem to upset about other than trying to take it off and getting frustrated. It should help her head even out and get to be nice and round just like the rest of her body. She should only have to wear it for 2 months which is perfect because hopefully it will be off by the summer time. She is eating all kinds of homemade baby food now including peas, squash, peaches, applesauce, carrots, and green beans. She also started eating graham crackers and cherrios which she totally loves. My baby is growing up.

All and all things are good here and we are growing together as a family.


Miss M! said...

I love the photo of you guys mowing the lawn together. Very cute!

Jill Carilli said...

How cool are you to totally jazz up her helmet! She will have the coolest helmet ever!! :) XO

Brianna said...

She is so cute, even with a helmet.

jor johnson said...

Oh my gosh! those pictures are so cute! I love Lizzy's chin roll :) and Jackson in Brandon's shoes.s