Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Our New Home

I wanted to document the changes we are making to our new house so this post is mainly for me and less for the readers, however it is kind of fun to see what it looks like now compared to when we get all moved in. This isn't what it looked like when we first bought it, this is actually about half way through the renovations. This house was a foreclosure and the previous owner did not clean anything at all. The neighbors said they saw him take the trash out maybe 3 times in the 7 years he lived there. Needless to say the place was trashed. I don't know how people can live like he did. Stains everywhere, garbage everywhere, the toilets were stained and discussting, the front yard was overrun with weeds and dead trees. It was a mess. So we bought it and now we are in the process of fixing it all up. New floors, new light fixtures, granite counters, new appliances, new paint, new doors, new light switches, new hardware in the bathrooms, and a new tiled shower in the master bathroom. It has been really fun picking out exactly what I want, a little stressful, but I have learned a lot and the workers at Lowes are my new best friends. We still have a lot of work to do including landscaping, refinishing the kitchen cabinets, and decorating but I am proud of the work that has gotten done and the way the house is turning out. It is almost like a new house. And Jackson is loving going to the house everyday, and hanging with the workers.

On another note Elizabeth and Jackson are becoming best friends and I love it. Lizzy is rolling over from back to her stomach and her stomach to her back so she can pretty much get anywhere she wants to go and usually that is wherever Jack is. He gives her toys, pushes her in her walker, plays peek-a-boo with her and greets her every morning with a "Hi Lizzy". He is talking up a storm now speaking in 3 and 4 word sentences and copying whatever we say. It is so cute. He has such a great personality. They are both the best kids ever.
Here they are playing peek-a-boo in the laundry room. Lizzy still refuses to sit up on her own but she LOVES hanging in the laundry baskets.


Jill Carilli said...

love the kitchen window!! cant wait to see more! XOXO Congrats.

Brianna said...

Nice, I am so excited for you guys.

jor johnson said...

I loved seeing the house pictures. YOu should post more! WHAT A TON OF WORK!! It looks amazing already so I can't wait to see what it looks like finished. Did you have to clean the toilets and clear all the garbage out?