Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This is the best post of the day. http://www.bluecricketdesign.net/2011/02/look-into-life-of-real-mormon-mommy.html

It was inspired by this article: http://www.salon.com/life/feature/2011/01/15/feminist_obsessed_with_mormon_blogs. I read it, very funny.

I would just like to say THANK YOU to Becca for showing the world what life is really like for mommy bloggers and just mommies in general. I think that in the church we sometimes compare ourselves to other moms. I know I do it. Their families come to church each week looking perfectly pressed, sitting so quietly in the chapel reading their books, and holding hands with big smiles. The truth is most of the time there was a disaster that hit the house in the morning, everyone was dragged to the car (with at least 1 of them crying), and life is not all together as perfect as we would like it to me. But here is the kicker. . . who cares! Life is messy. It may be a crazy life, but it's our life. My house is a disaster most days. I admit it. It drives me crazy. But between my work, playing with the kids, making dinner, washing dishes, washing clothing, and spending a little me time who has time to be a full time maid? Some days chicken nuggets will do for dinner. Some days I just don't have time to care that all my shoes have been thrown on the floor. I don't think the Lord is going to say to me, "why didn't you keep your house clean?" I think he is going to ask me how I treated my family and if I thought I was a good wife and mother. I would love to live in a home where all I had to do was play with my kids all day. . .but that is not life and I am okay with it.

Here is a look at might house today:

Elizabeth's room. Books, blankets, toys, Jackson's bed because he likes to sleep in her room every night.

My bed, unmade most days and on the floor because I still haven't gotten around to buying a bed frame. Ikea and hand me down furniture.

The kids posing in their mess. Jackson is still in his pjs around noon.

Elizabeth eating a marker, don't worry it is non toxic.

The family room/toy room. They take the train apart every day and ask me to set it back up every night.

Yup that is my life. Some days are better than others. Are you brave enough to show your life?

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Miss M! said...

I leave Bubba (okay and me too)in his PJs all day sometimes too. No one is going to see us!