Friday, February 25, 2011

We are on the MARKET

Our house is officially on the market. Actually funny story about that:

I am driving home from the store with Jackson in the back when we pull up to the house and see the for sale sign in our yard.

Jackson: what's that mommy?
Me: our house is on the market

Jackson runs out of the car to the sign and is looking at it.

Me: Jack Jack what are you doing
Jackson: I want to go to the market

So cute.

It is pretty sad because we cleaned out a bunch of stuff to make it more "model like" for the sales. No more pictures, A LOT less toys (which I happen to like), and less furniture. It is like we just moved in. And we did just move in. I am really sad to be leaving. I didn't think I cared that much but now that it is coming I am getting nervous and sad. It doesn't help that we still haven't found a new place to live yet. Brandon and I went down to NM last weekend to look for rental places but there really wasn't much. Apartments which I am not super excited about and 1 house. The problem is we want a short lease because we really want to get into a house as soon as our house sells and everyone wants at least 1 year.

Albuquerque is an interesting place. It is divided into 4 main sections. NE, NW, SE, and SW. You really don't want to live in the south at all because it is really run down and the University is there. So that leaves the NE and NW. The NW is on the other side of the Rio Grande. There are only 4 roads across so traffic gets really bad. What takes us about 15 min in the middle of the day will take Brandon about 45 min to get to work in stop-and-go traffic. Which leaves us with the NE. We like it but the houses are a lot more expensive. We looked at one house that is the same size as our house in sq footage, but has a much smaller backyard. (We are talking a patio, that is it). It is going for $350k we are selling our house for $220k. BIG DIFFERENCE. It was really frustrating. If we are looking for a house that is a decent size and yard we are probably going to have to go into the East Mt which are awesome and beautiful but far away. Not a big commute for Brandon because it is a straight shot on the freeway, but the houses are a lot more spread out and distance wise it is far. It will take us about 20min to get to church every Sunday. Hopefully we will find a rental option and learn more about the area when we get there. But right now I am frustrated and a little down about having to move.

I don't know if I have any finished pictures of the house on my blog so I want to document them for memories. OUR FIRST HOME!

Check out how green and thick our grass is now. NICE.

So empty:(

One of my favorite features, the red door.

We put so much work into the house and really made it our home. I feel like my biggest fears about moving to ABQ are coming true. I was worried we weren't going to find a house as good as our home now. I know we still need to keep looking, and new houses come onto the market every day, but I really think that this house is a shinning needle in a haystack. Whoever moves in is getting a great deal.


Jill Carilli said...

This is not the Jessica I know. The Jessica I know is just stressed right now. But you know how much you trust God to guide you to the right decisions and places and you would not be moving if He didn't have it in your plan. So trust in Him that He will help you find where you are supposed to be and you will be fine, because that will bring you comfort in your heart. (might sound strange coming from your non-religion having friend, but I know how much you believe, and if you weren't stressed this is what you would be telling yourself or your friends in your position.)

I will miss that yard and red door. If you cant take the backyard roller coaster with you, I will buy it off you. Ryen loves it. LOVE YOU GUYS! xoxoxoxo

Blissful Chaos said...

Aw Jessica that made me sad! It's super hard to leave your first house but you guys will find somewhere and make it fabulous in NM! I am sure of it!

jor johnson said...

You guys did such a great job on this house and I'm sure it is so hard to say goodbye to that, but it will be fun to see what you guys do next.