Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I just want to make a small post regarding the BYU basketball team. As a BYU alum I am well aware of the honor code and what it means to live by it. I admit at times it feels restrictive. Most of the rules are not against the law when you break them; however I know that it is with these rules that we are able to have the freedom to make good choices and not suffer undesirable consequences. Sure most people would think that not being allowed to go into the room of a person of the opposite sex is silly. But how many bad choices have been made in a room where two people are alone? Maybe being required to be clean shaven is ridiculous, but having a clean appearance on the outside will help to create a clean standard on the inside. These rules are here for reasons. The President's of the university didn't just come up with asinine restrictions for the fun of it.

I always liken the honor code to playing the piano. There are rules to follow when learning to play the piano. Notes to learn and practice. Are following these rules going to keep you from being a good piano player? NO, it is when we follow these rules that we are able to have the freedom to play whatever we want. The honor code is the same. If you break the rules or make poor choices the consequences of your actions will be negative. Make good choices and you will have a positive outcome.

I am a huge fan of college basketball and have been following BYU all season long. I have to say I am really saddened by the decision of Brandon Davies. I don't know what he did but I know he broke the honor code and I am truly honored to know that BYU stood up for their standards with no hesitation. They know where the line is and everyone is treated equally. It is sad that he made those choices but I feel that BYU basketball will actually be blessed for sticking to the code.

Here is a great article on the issue and I just want to put it out there GO COUGS!

PS. Just checked the scores and BYU lost bad to NM tonight. Have I told you how much I hate NM this season with their two wins on us? Too bad I am moving to the land of the LOBOS


James said...
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Jill Carilli said...

I went to comment and it put it as coming from my husband. He must have logged into google on my computer, without telling me. Dork, lol.

Anyhow here is my comment:

Ha ha Jess I love you!! The man on the radio said it best today when discussing the BYU Honor code: "I just found the college for my daughter" ha ha :)

jor johnson said...

I love the piano analogy.