Saturday, March 5, 2011


This week we had so much fun. We went to the Hall of Flame Fire Museum with some of our friends. They had the most amazing collection of fire trucks from really old to huge shiny new ones. Most of the museum are antique firetrucks which are behind ropes so the kids can't touch them but the kids didn't seem to care. THEY LOVED IT! I was so proud of them for not going behind the ropes and climbing on the trucks. Jackson was so excited about all the trucks. He kept pointing out things he liked about them like the lights, and bells, and ladders. It was really neat to see how they have evolved from horse drawn firetrucks to today's modern trucks. There was one large truck that the kids could climb on and a ton of fire uniforms to wear. I couldn't talk Jack into wearing a hat because they were so heavy but he had fun pretending like he was driving the truck. He even pulled down the stick to shift, he is really observant. Then there was a movie which they really enjoyed watching that showed fire fighters putting out actual fires and a kids area with a small firetruck, puzzles, and a fire pole to slide down. Liz especially liked the fire pole. She kept jumping off the stairs and grabbing onto it. FEARLESS. Good thing I was there to catch her. It was a really fun adventure and I am glad we got to share the time with close friends.

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jor johnson said...

Did you make Elizabeth's dress? It is so cute and i LOVE that fabric.