Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our New Home

I know all of you have been dying to hear about the move and the new place. WELL, here is how it is going. LIKING ALBUQUERQUE (I actually learned how to spell it) HATE OUR RENTAL HOUSE. On the surface the house looks amazing. 3700 sq ft, an acre lot, and 3 car garage. Perfect right? Well as I have learned from living here for the past 2 weeks there are a lot of problems. First we live up in the East Mountains. This is really far! Really far. We have gas stations but no restaurants aside for the local cafe, our cell service is awful cutting off all the time, no cable except for dish network, an overpriced grocery store about 15 min away, and to drive anywhere in town it takes us at least 30 min. Plus to living out here it is peaceful, beautiful with trees, and the houses are really nice. The ward is really great too. But honestly I don't think I can handle having to drive 30 min each way to do my grocery shopping for the week. Also the house it self has so many problems.

First we didn't have hot water or gas for 3 days after we moved in. It was another week before we got any tv and we still don't have the internet (I am using Brandon's phone). We also didn't get mail keys for a week and a half. The realtor is in charge of the house and she is a mess. She didn't give us keys to the house until Thur of this week and she came in an told me I had to change a bunch of my furniture arrangement because the house is still on the market. I told her all the things that needed to be fixed like the toilet that keeps running and leaked on the floor, the master bath tub that doesn't have water, and the alarm system that isn't even set up but still goes off at 4am. She doesn't seem too concerned with fixing it so I can tell you we will be having words with the owners. Also, there are bugs all over. Ants in my kitchen and a crack in the wall that had a spider living in it. Oh and when we moved we had some help (which was awesome) but they lost a bunch of the screws to the bunk beds and we are having trouble finding the right size. And the master shower doors are too short so every time we take a shower there is water all over the floor. I almost forgot to top everything off I put our garbage out on Friday, actually Thur night in the pitch black dark just to make sure it got picked up, and the garbage man didn't take it. It was overflowing and we had a few bags in the garage it was so full. I really needed the garbage to be taken out. SOOO, I LOST IT. I totally flipped out and had a melt down. Just so many things going wrong and I couldn't handle it any more. Thankfully I called the garbage guy and he came and picked it up the next day but still.
Family room
View of the loft from the family room
Master Bathroom Shower that gets water all over the floor
Master bathroom tub that doesn't work but is so deep I am dying to go for a swim
Kitchen with a cute baby in it
Kitchen, the island is granite with a copper top (weird and hard to clean)
Oven/Stove backsplash...SUPER COOL
Dinning room that I am using as my craft room
Loft which is our playroom...AWESOME
The kids enjoying playing outside
Yeah, it snowed here in March. WOW big change from Mesa.

I know I am complaining a lot but I am having a tough time. Moving away from all of our friends and family is hard enough I don't need to be isolated in the mountains with everything breaking down around me. I am better now, and have a lot of hope we will find a permanent place to live in the city soon. I like the woods but not when you have young kids. There are just too many down sides to living so far away.

And the cherry on top of this disaster sundae is the guy that hit my car the last time we came to ABQ doesn't have insurance. He said he did but it expired in Jan and I got hit in Feb. So we have to pay our deductible which is $1000 plus pay for a rental car for 2.5 weeks (another $500) if I want to get my car fixed for something I didn't do. I swear the Lord just keeps throwing curve balls at us and I am striking out. Hopefully things will get better and back to normal soon. But for now I just have to realize it is out of my control and I have to let it go.


Jill Carilli said...

Jessie I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. Hang in there sweetheart. We miss you tons and if you ever want to throw the kids in the car and head to phoenix for some hot water (kidding) you are welcome at our house anytime! xoxox

PS I bet it felt good to get that all out. :)

Kelani said...

Trials are NO fun but on the upside the house looks beautiful... even though it doesn't all work : ( LOVE YA!

jor johnson said...

oh no! I'm so sorry it has been a bumpy ride....why does it seem like it always all comes at once?? I'm glad to hear it is getting a bit better and I'm sure you grow to love it just as much as AZ. The house looks really nice...the play loft is awesome and I LOVE that rock unique!!