Thursday, March 10, 2011

Smith Family at The Farm

This was an adventure in picture taking and I have to tell you all about it. We decided to take the pictures at The Farm at South Mountain. It is a yummy little restaurant with an amazing atmosphere very country meets chic. Anyways, so I am walking up to meet Shannon and I guy in a van tells me I have to get permission to take pictures there. I totally blew him off, lol, seriously how is he going to find me taking pictures of two little boys in the middle of a large space. However he tracked me down and let me tell you THEY WERE WATCHING US. He told us that we needed to get permission because photographers come and use the ground but don't even buy lunch. Shannon assured him that she was going to buy lunch after wards, which was her plan, and he allowed us to use the ground. Let me just say we smiled our ways into that one. Then we got out the balloons for Boston's 1 year pictures. BIG NO NO. Soon he was back over telling us no balloons allowed. But we talked him into letting us take a few pictures with the balloons as long as we put them back as soon as we were done. Well it never fails. Of course we let the 2 year old carry the balloons and of course he let them go and of course they got stuck in a tree. So here he comes to yell at us and we were thinking we are done. Fortunately he was super nice and we laid on the charm. He got the balloons down with an extremely high ladder (that I held for him) and a very long branch. After that he put a branch on the end of the balloons to keep them grounded. Then another worker came over and informed us that balloons are not allowed and we decided that was enough of the balloons. After all the hassle and all the screw ups the boys were very understanding and took some amazing pictures. They were so patient and I am really happy with the way they turned out.

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