Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beauty Baby

I just love having a girl. Lizzy may be tough but she is all girl. She loves attention. She loves dresses and fancy shoes. She loves throwing dramatic tantrums. She is my sweetheart. Her favorite activity is to sit on the bathroom counter and play with my makeup while I get ready. It is so funny to watch her watch me. She uses my brushes on her cheeks and eyes. She cleans her ears out with q-tips. She even likes putting on lip stick (which I don't usually let her play with). When I was getting ready tonight I gave her full access and she took advantage. We put velcro rollers in her hair, blush on her already rosy cheeks, and I even let her use an old lipstick. It was just so cute watching her check everything out and play with it. She is so beautiful she probably won't need makeup but it is always fun to try it out, even if she is only 18 months lol.

She doesn't really understand your not suppose to eat it.
Nice smile baby doll.
Um you have a little bit of lipstick on your teeth child.
Don't worry mom I'm still super cute.

Blowing me a kiss.

I took a ton of pictures because she was having to much fun saying "cheese" for the camera.

BTW, we had her 18 month well check this week and she is not only beautiful but in perfect health. She speaks in sentences and has a vocabulary of at least 100 words. She is really good at repeating words and remembering them after that. She loves reading books and does this cute scoot where she stands in front of you with a book and backs her little bum into your lap. She is a very good listener. I can tell when I talk to her she is understanding every word I say. She loves Jackson and Grandpa. They are her favorite people. Her favorite toy is still her pink pig which is becoming less pink and more gray from all the washings. She is very jealous of other babies, especially if I am holding one. She climbs up on everything. Chairs, ladders, and a lot of boxes these days. The only thing she doesn't climb up on is her crib which I am so thankful for. She gives people that she doesn't know this really funny dirty look where she looks at them under her eyelashes and frowns. She gives it to Cameron all the time which is so funny. She loves vegetables but doesn't like cheese or fruit unless it is in something. She is still a really good eater, eating almost anything I put on her plate. She prefers using a fork over her hands so she is very proper and when she is finished with a meal she says "here mama". She is still super brave and fearless but I think she is starting to become more aware of her surroundings and notices when something is dangerous. And she can count to 4 which is as far as Jackson can count before saying the number 8 which is his favorite number for some reason (but that is for another post). She has started expressing interest in going to the bathroom on the potty. I think she will probably be potty trained around the same time or very soon after Jack. She gives really good kisses and has the best little giggle and the softest skin. And it melts my heart when she says "I lub you" to me. I lub you too Lizzy Bug.

Height: 32.5 inches-75%
Weight: 22lbs- 40%
Head: 18- 40%

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Kimberlyn said...

She is just too cute! Great pics! Caden is almost 21lbs, they are basically the same size! He is such the chunk though!