Thursday, February 10, 2011


I can't believe how long it has been since I did an actual photo shoot of my own kids. I have been taking pictures of so many other people I totally have been neglecting my own family. This week we are lucky enough to have my sister Sarah visiting from Seattle so I decided to take advantage of the extra hands and do an actual photo shoot of Jackson and Elizabeth.

Elizabeth is a total posing model. She sits still, says cheese, and is up for any position I put her in. Jackson on the other hand is a little more difficult. He hates taking pictures and I have to trick him to get a smile out of him. It was nice to have Sarah there distracting the other child so I could get individual shots but by the time I wanted to take some of them together they were done for. I think we might try to take some more tomorrow at a different location.

Today we did the shoot at The Groves church. There is a beautiful tree orchard there with wood benches and lots of awesome branches. Plus the trees shade the sunlight which makes for a perfect location in AZ. It is usually pretty crowded there with people taking picture but today we were lucky enough to have the whole place to ourselves. I have to admit it is much pretty there in the fall because the leaves are still on the trees but I still like the way the pictures turned out. Here are some of my favorites. I also posted more on my photography blog.

After the pictures were done we went over to the playground to let off some steam. It is an awesome playground because it has a tube that leads up to the slides and the slides are both really tall and short. Perfect for Jackson and Elizabeth. Although, Lizzy is much more of a daredevil than Jack and she went down the big slide all by herself. It was REALLY tall and fast. She went down backwards on her tummy but man did she shoot out the bottom landing on her face. I was a little worried but she just got up, shook herself off, and went again. Crazy little girl. Fearless. And so funny.
Liz trying to make the teeter totter go with all her little might.
Going down the big slide backwards.

After she went down the big slide. All smiles.

Jack liked hiding in the tube from mom. He was really quiet, whispering to Aunt Sarah that they were hiding from mom. Then I came up and scared him. He thought it was so funny, giggling his adorable little laugh. Sometimes kids can be so entertaining.


Brianna said...

Such good pictures. Love these.

Anonymous said...

Your kids are SO cute! I love the pictures :)