Wednesday, June 8, 2011


HELP, I cannot get Jackson to want to go potty on the toilet. Every day we try and he just doesn't want to do it. I have tried everything from sticker charts to candy by the toilet (not my fav I got desparate). I even put a new toy that he has been wanting right by the potty. NOTHING. He loves running around in big boy underwear until he has to go and they he asks for a diaper. How do I get this kid interested in going on the toilet? He is over 3 now and I am worried and to tell you the truth a little embarrassed that he is not potty trained yet.



Anonymous said...

Honestly, I would say relax and let Jackson tell you when he's ready. All the literature I've read says that you can't force it and you need to wait until your toddler is ready. As far as being embarassed, I feel there's more pressure on mom's these days then there was when we were toddlers. He's not going to wear a diaper on his wedding day! It's hard not to compare your child with other kids, but the only person it hurts or puts stress on is you and your child. Let Jackson know that when he's ready to use the potty you will be his cheerleader and support him in his new journey. I've found with Payton that the more frustrated I get and irritated I seem the more accidents she has. Good luck, and know that he is completely normal and healthy!!

sue stock said...

I've heard of someone putting blue food coloring in the toilet bowl and then their little boy gets to turn the water green when he pees.
I've also heard of putting ice cubes or cheerios in the toilet water so there's something to "aim" at.