Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Long Weekend

This week was a little better I must add. After searching for a new place and finding NOTHING I have come to the conclusion that our current rental is very nice even with the small problems. I just need to ignore the insane realtor, deal with the malfunctioning toilets, and the long commute and just be happy. Brandon had Monday off so we decided to spend some time together as a family. It is true that moving to ABQ has brought us closer together as a family, that is one good thing about moving here. We went to the BIO park again together, I just love it there. They have a new butterfly exhibit that the kids loved and it was a beautiful day to walk around enjoying each other and the weather. Liz wore her new romper that I made for her, she really is so beautiful and gets more beautiful every day. Jackson is growing up too. He remembers everything now and really takes everything we say literally. I have to watch what I say around him more than ever.

Here are some funny things they have been doing lately:
-galloping around saying yeeha. They gallop everywhere
-Jackson tells me I am pretty and that he loves me all the time. I think he is still worried I am going to leave him. When he says he loves me he always softly touches my face, it is really sweet.
-Elizabeth likes to tell me that her name is Lizzy. It is really funny because she says it with such sass
-They love chasing the lizards around the yard and going for walks to the mailbox. When we walk they call it an adventure. They like to pick wildflowers along the way and tell me what color they are.
-We like to play tag at the park, our new game

They really are such beautiful children. So loving and full of energy. They wear me out but it is all worth it. At the end of the day when they say I love you and give me kisses, or they want to read books with me. Sometimes I forget that all they want is to be with me. For me to play with them and teach them and love them. I spend my days cleaning, and running, this week I took a few days to just be with them and I fell like my attitude and heart are in a much better place.

Princess in a castle
Dino peek-a-boo

Honey I shrunk the kids


Goofy faces
I'm flying
Pretty butterflies

Their new hangout place

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jor johnson said...

Cute Cute cute kids you have! I love that Jackson tells you that you are pretty and softly touches your face...adorable!
I have to do the same thing every once in a while...take a step back, remember my kids are young for such a short short time, and appreciate the little things that I so easily rush through.