Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Days

Still no luck with the potty training but I am taking your advise, backing off, and not talking about it. Other than that things have been going pretty well around here. We are working more on learning, it is so nice being on Summer vaca because I have the afternoons (when I used to have to do school work) to spend some quality time teaching the alphabet, counting, learning colors and shapes. It is weird because Elizabeth is almost at the same level as Jack even though I work with him a lot more. She just picks things up so quickly. They are both really smart but in very different ways. Elizabeth is very vocal. She is always talking or singing and asking questions. Brandon and I joke that when she is 16 she will just repeat, "can I take the car, can I take the car, until we give in." Jackson is very visual. He sees something and remembers it. I think that is why he picks up on shapes and colors quicker than counting or saying his ABCs. They both love to read which I feel helps them a lot too. We read every night. Lately it has been the same books, "Lama Lama Red Pajama", and "There's a Nightmare in my Closet." Jackson thinks it is him in the nightmare book, he cracks me up.

One thing that has been super tough lately is Jackson's separation anxiety. I am hoping it is only a phase but every time I leave the room he screams bloody murder. And then he says, "I love you mommy don't leave me." I try to reassure him that I would never leave him alone but it doesn't seem to be taking. Honestly the crying is driving me a little crazy.

Last week we made waffles in watermelon shapes. It is so easy and yummy. Make your favorite waffle recipe, mine is buttermilk waffles. Then separate the batter into two bowls and put some green food coloring in one and red food coloring in the other. Then you pour the green batter in a circle around the outside of the waffle iron (with a hole in the middle) and fill in the hole with the red batter. Add mini chocolate chips to the center and cook. They come out looking like watermelons. Fun food that the kids love and perfect for summertime.


Shannon Smith said...

Super cute waffles!!!! I will have to try that!

Anonymous said...

Those waffles are awesome! I will try that tomorrow... oh but wait my [square] waffle maker is broken. :( Anywho I will find a way to do that soon! Super cute! :D

Good luck with potty training!

jor johnson said...

these are so cute!