Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Shirt and a Shoot

I know you are all dying to see pictures of our new house. Well, I am almost done unpacking and as soon as that happens I will post some pictures. I can tell you this though:

  • It is small, much smaller than our Mountain home and even our home in AZ
  • It is old, but with some small updates. Fresh paint in the whole house and bathroom cabinets
  • It has 4 bedrooms (YAY)
  • It has very narrow doorways and hallways. We couldn't even get our pink couch in the play room.
  • There is no AC and it is hot here!
  • It feels more like home. And I am really starting to like it.

And it has an amazing backyard! Lots of shade. Some grass and beautiful rocks all around. It is fenced with vines along the fence and it is amazing how private it feels. And there is a huge tree which I love for laying under to read a book or swinging a pinata from (y0u will see soon).

We took advantage of our wonderful yard this week and shot a few photos. I feel like I never have enough good pictures of the kids. Especially Jackson. We need to work on that. I made a shirt for Lizzy this week so I wanted her to model it for me. She was hesitant hence the lollypop. But I still got some pretty cute shots.

Only two good ones of Jackson. He is so stubborn. Liz is a camera magnet and such a poser.

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