Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Two Favorite Kids

Finally we are over the illness and ready to get back to life. We had a quiet week, sleeping and recovering but some fun little adventures at home. I just love these kids and love their ages right now. Elizabeth gives me the best hugs, tight around my neck with both her arms. Then she likes to give me a kiss on the cheek or sometimes a slobbery strawberry which she thinks is so funny. The other day she walked into my room wearing these funny glasses. When I asked her what she was doing she said, "I just want to hang out with you." Then she said, "Look at my glasses...I look cool."
Jackson has been acting very mature lately. Really getting into super heroes and fighting against the bad guys. He likes to oversee the other kids and make sure they are sharing and being nice to each other. He still loves his Jack Sparrow costume and wears it almost every day. Best $15 I have ever spent on him.He loves dressing up too. I made him a few bow ties for church the other day and he thought they were the best. He wants to wear them even when we are not going to church.

They are very good friends and I see their imaginations growing every day. I love listening to them talking to each other about their latest adventures. I am so glad I had them so close together because they are at the same level and always have someone to play with, sleep with in the same room, take a bath with (for now), and hold hands with or hug whenever you need it.

On that note we have some exciting news...

We will be adding a third munchkin to our mix this fall. We are so excited to be blessed with such a wonderful family and I can't wait to meet our newest addition.


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Fun blog Jessica! I loved catching up! I love their costumes. Davis would love that pirate costume!