Friday, September 26, 2008

Free Cooking Classes

This week was so much fun. Jackson and I attended 2 free cooking classes. The first was a sister in Brandon's mom's ward that talked about whole grains. Now I don't believe everything she has to say. . . (like we should be pooping after every meal, that might be too much information but from a nutrition stand point I find it interesting). Anyways, she did have some great ideas on incorporating more grains into your diet which I know is a good thing. I left with some really great ideas and a few recipes. She is writing a cook book and wanted us to try them out. Now I am not a chef but I have written a cook book before (actually 2) and I know it is not easy. However, there were a lot of mistakes in the recipe momma Stoker and I tried. It was this pasta with sundried tomatoes, olives, and chicken. Sounds good right? It turned out ok but that was mainly because we changed the recipe a lot. The one thing I did like was the quinoa when it finally cooked. **For those of you who don't know quinoa is a really good grain that is full of protein and great for nursing moms. Brandon even liked it and he hates quinoa. Although now he is starting to like it if I hide it a bit.

The other cooking class I went to was at Shar's Bosch store. IT WAS AWESOME. We made rustic breads which are really fun and a really yummy lentil bacon soup. It was so good. I was in heaven at the store too. All these cool cooking gadgets (like I don't already have a ton) but I still bought a new pastry brush and a micro plane for fine grating. I pretty much made me Christmas list there as I was walking around looking at everything. They have classes for free every week and everything that she makes involves whole grains which I love. I reminded me of the good old days of the cooking class at BYU. It is not often that I learn something new at these classes but I learned a lot and will be going back for more.

By the way Jack loves cooking with me and he is sitting up on his own. He is also always reaching for stuff. His favorite right now is the remote. The other day he practically jumped right off Brandon's lap to get it. He is getting to be such a big boy.

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