Friday, September 19, 2008


Today was Brandon's last day of work at Genworth. I am sure they were sad to see him leave. Who else is going to work 15 hours a day for them? He was a little sad to leave too. . .he said he got a little choked up when he was walking out the door because that office has been like a second home to him. Now all he has to focus on is studying for the next few months and applying to schools. Hopefully he will be able to focus, being out of school for a year makes it hard to get back into the study mode. He is planning on taking the GMAT at the end of October and apply to schools by December. Hopefully we will get in somewhere that will be beneficial for Brandon and for our family. U of Chicago, Northwestern. . .etc. I would be happy to go back to BYU mainly because it is cheaper and safe. I know people there, it is a good school, but I have to go with what is best for Brandon and our family. It is scary not knowing the future. . .especially for me the ultimate planner. (I have like 3 lists of things I need to do next week already, haha). So I just want to say GOOD BYE GENWORTH, HELLO UNKNOWN.

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