Thursday, September 11, 2008

Super Sweet Printer

Last year Brandon bought me this super nice photo printer for my birthday. I use it all the time for printing pictures (since I have like 500 of Jackson already), however the other day I decided I was really going to open her up and see what she could do. I was amazed by her capabilities.

***Side note: we name all our major possessions in our household ie: Stevie the tv, Bubba the bed, Betsy our tv in our bedroom because she is silver so obviously she is a girl, Frank the couch, etc.

So Silvia (the printer) can print photographs up to 13x19". Which is amazing! She has 8 inkjet cartridges in her belly and she spit out a print the other day that looked professional quality. I really wanted to make a large print of a collage a made of some of Jack's pictures and I was going to go through Heritage Makers (which is a great company by the way), but it was going to cost me $100 just to make the print. Thankfully Silvia came through for me. I still had to pay to have it framed which is another story, but I am so glad Brandon bought me the printer because now I feel like a real professional who can make prints for my own clients (if I ever get any).

Anyways, here is the print I made. If anyone is in town and needs a photographer please give me a call. I would be happy to make something similar for you.

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