Thursday, September 4, 2008

Times they are a Changing

Big and small changes are occurring in the Stoker household:

Change #1: Brandon quit his job to focus on studying for the GMAT and applying for MBA school.
The Good: Brandon's stress from work disappears, more sleep for Brandon, Jack and I get to see dad more
The Bad: the bank account takes a hit

Change #2: I am working for an online high school (Connections Academy)
The Good: more money in the bank account, work from home part time, I get to keep teaching
The Bad: not much money ($10/student/month for photography class; $2/student/month for health class)

Change #3: Jackson's first tooth came in
The Good: Jackson's first tooth came in, less crying over hurt gums
The Bad: sharp, jagged, and hurts when he gnaws on my finger

Change #4: Jackson rolled over on his own
The Good: mom can relax and not worry about him rolling over and being developmentally stunted (all mom's worry right?)
The Bad: none this is a great change

More changes to come in the near future I guarantee but until then we will just have to wait.


Shelby and Ted said...

Hey Jess! Does little Jack like his Bumbo? I have one and I am going to let Saydee try it in a few weeks. I like your good and bad list, it made me laugh. I love and miss ya. I am glad that you are doing well. Thanks for all your cute comments on my pictures and things. You made my day.

Marel & Tom Stock! said...

He looks so chill. Celia loves eating off a spoon, but hates rice cereal. Not quite sure what we do about that. Oh well.