Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Adventures of Captain Toilet Paper

Today was the best day! It was one of those days when I couldn't help but smile all day long, and at the end of the day I just kept thinking how lucky I am to be a mom and have such a great family. So what made it so great? Well Jack woke up early (8:00am) which isn't too early thankfully but I was still a little tired. We played for awhile this morning and then we decided to make yummy french toast and bacon. This was the really good french toast out of Texas toast bread. Suffice to say, it was delicious and Jackson really enjoyed the french toast.

Then after I cleaned up we went down to the pool for a bit of a dip. There was no one there so we had the whole pool to ourselves. Jackson played on the steps for awhile while I got some much needed sun, then we swam together and he even jumped in (from a sitting position) to me a few times. We played for about an hour and I think that was enough because Jack was looking pretty tired. So we came back up to our apt and Jackson took a good 2 hour nap while I did some work, played on the
Internet, and took a shower. After Jackson woke up from his nap we had some late lunch and I am so proud to say Jackson ate a whole baby bowl of mixed veggies and a string cheese. He never eats all of it without me reminding him about it like a million times but today he ate it happily. Then I rewarded him with a few fruit snacks which made his day!

***SIDE NOTE: everyday Jackson goes into the pantry and brings me a bag of fruit snacks pretty much telling me to open it. I say thank you and put them behind the couch or somewhere else that he can't see. Then he goes back to the pantry and gets another bag. This will happen about 5 times before I finally give in and give him a few. It is pretty funny actually.
OK back to my day. After lunch we played in his room and listened to music. I did some scrap booking and Jack decided he was going to help me put some stickers on the pages. He loves the scrapbooks. He also read the Hungry Caterpillar or I guess looked through the book all by himself for like 20 min. He is so funny. Then we played a rousing game of peek-a-boo where Jack held the blanket up in front of his face over and over again and just laughed at himself.

After that we started to make dinner. Jackson helped his dad get ready for his meeting while I made spaghetti and meatballs which is my all time favorite meal. I am cooking when all the sudden Jack comes out draped in toilet paper waving his arms around and yelling (talking loudly). It was SO FUNNY because the toilet paper was draped all over him and there was a long
strip down his back that looked like a cape. Then Brandon had to leave for his meeting so Jack and I ate spaghetti together. He ate all of his meatballs, along with another piece of french toast, and another bowl of veggies and a whole cup of milk. I was so proud of him. We finished our day with a bath, books, and a little bit of video taping peek-a-boo. Then around 8:00 Jack quietly went to bed with his puppy dog and blanket in hand. All I got today was smiles and fun. It was the best. Here's hoping tomorrow will be just as good.


Mark, Shannon, and Trey said...

Sounds like the perfect day!!!!

Miss M! said...

How cute is he in his toilet paper outfit? I love how just plain joyful he looks.

JILLC said...

WOW! What an awesome day! Want to adopt me Jess? You sound like super fun super laid back Mom and awesome you spend so much time with him. I would be lying if I said blogging, posting photos and facebook didnt cause me to sometimes let Ella play with the TV instead of me when she is awake so kudos to you! =) Love the toilet paper too. I wonder if I would have appreciated that, or if I would have been annoyed by the mess. I think his is my husbands OCD influencing me! LOL

The Parke Family said...

How fun is that! love the pics of the toilet paper king!!!

Shelby and Ted said...

That does sound perfect! You are such a good mom.