Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Life at the Resort

The good thing about having no money is we get to live at Brandon's parent's house for the summer. Now it might not be our own home, and we might not have all the liberties and privacy that we are accustomed to however. . .it is like living at a resort. They have a pool with a slide and waterfall, an indoor raquet ball court, a movie/game room with surround sound TV and HD flatscreen, someone who makes dinner for us everynight, and even a few live in babysitters (between Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Missy, Uncle Cam, and Aunt Ashley there is always someone willing to watch and play with Jackson). All I can say is if we are going to live somewhere that isn't our home, the Stoker's home is the BEST!


JILLC said...

Geesh- can i move in too?? LOL

Brooke W said...

I'm thinking you should have a playdate there!:)

Brianna said...

Jackson is getting so much hair! You guys are so cute together.