Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Best American Idol EVER!

This season of American Idol was AWESOME! I really thought it was the most talented group of people (at least the top 5 were) and to top it all off my fav KRIS ALLEN won, which makes it so much better. Jackson loves American Idol. I think it is the lights and the singing. For some reason when we watch it, I DVR it of course too many commercials, he is just mesmerised and he sits on the couch and watches it quietly unless he is singing along which he does often. Anyways, back to the show. Best one I have seen so far with all the guest singers and surprises, including Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas, Queen, Santana, Keith Urban and even KISS. Now I am not a reviewer but if you missed it you should definitely watch it on

Here are some pictures of Jack dressed up for American Idol. Who knows, he might be a future idol. He put the beads on himself, his new favorite thing.


The Griegers said...

Addison loves beads too, I heard it's the must have fashion for the summer!

JILLC said...

I thought it was the BEST idol finale ever too! I was PSYCHED! Idol kind of lost me in the last couple seasons, as I couldn't find myself really caring about any of the artists (not since Daughtry's season) I LOVED this season though. I still didn't have 3 hours a week to watch it though so I had to watch just the performances I wanted to see on you tube each week. lol

jor said...

cute! I love the rocker beads he is wearing :)