Sunday, August 10, 2008

Baby Olympics

I know a lot of people are bashing on the Olympics with all the drug related violations and being in China this year but I still love to watch them. I am amazed by the athletes and their abilities, especially some of them being at such a young age. It is also fun to see all the different events. I watched badminton the other day, how crazy is that? To be an Olympian for badminton. My favorite is obviously the swimming with gymnastics, diving, tennis, and volleyball close behind. I make Jackson watch Michael Phelps in hopes it will inspire him, not that he knows what is going on but you never know. I am convinced he is going to be a great swimmer because he has huge feet, and long body (26 inches already!) and he loves the water. Maybe he won't be an Olympian but he might swim in high school or college. A mother can always hope.

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