Sunday, September 20, 2009

Labor and Recovery

Well the labor as you all know was easy (c-section). Surprising by the fact that it was so soon, but easy. The recovery has been surprisingly easier this time than it was last time. I am not in as much pain, I can already sit up on my own without help (for those of you who don't know when you have a c-section it is hard to do anything where you have to use your abdominal muscles), and I am proud to say that I am surviving on IB profen and not the other pain killers. It is still hard because I do have some pain if I wait too long to take any medicine, I have to rest a lot, and I can't lift Jackson which is the WORST! Other than that I am doing great.

Elizabeth is doing great too. She already gained a little bit of weight, eats very well, is sleeping for 4 hour segments between feedings, is staying awake more and more each day, and already gave me a hint of a smile (she has a small dimple on her cheek too which is so cute). I love her so much already. She is a great baby and my family is so blessed to have such wonderful children. Here is a new picture of her.

Check out those long fingers. . .piano player!

I think it is so great to see how different she is from Jackson. They have a lot of the same characteristics: calm, long fingers and toes, strong legs, dark blue eyes (at first Jack had dark blue eyes), and refuses to latch on for nursing (really annoying but we are dealing with it). But she rarely cries, has very dark hair, and is perfectly content snuggling with me which Jackson was not interested in. He was more of an independent soul. They are both wonderful, I can't wait to see future similarities and differences.

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Shelby and Ted said...

I hope that the recovery goes well. You are one tough cookie!That would be hard to lift anything I think. I also think that jackson's scrunchy face is adorable. Kids are so funny when they do things like that. I just do a blog post with just crazy faces that Saydee has made, or it might actually show what a horrible photographer I am. Love ya!