Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

September was a busy month for us. It seems like every family in my mother's group had at least one birthday this month not to mention all our family birthdays in September. With all that cake and ice cream I don't know how I am losing any weight. Today is the last day of a busy birthday September and it just happens to be Brandon's birthday. Brandon is so hard to shop for because if he ever wants something he just goes and gets it himself. But this year I was very proud of myself because I bought him some new gaming head phones for his computer. I did all the research and picked out some awesome ones that he didn't even know about. Granted he couldn't wait until his birthday to use them but still I was proud. For his birthday we went out to dinner at a Japanese Steak house. It was so much fun. The food is great and the chefs put on a fun show while cooking the food with fire and food throwing. Jackson LOVED it. He got a front row (smack in the middle) seat and thought the chef was so cool with all the clinking noises, onion volcanoes, and yummy steak. He even used his fork to eat all of his food. I was really impressed and so was Brandon. Then we went back to the house and ate cake that Jack and I made. It was funfetti cake with a cream cheese and strawberry filling. Jackson even helped me mix the frosting and then he helped himself to the mixers. It was low key but a great birthday because Brandon got to do whatever he wanted all day. So happy 29th birthday Daddy we love you.

September Birthday List:

10th Elizabeth
17th My dad
28th My mom
30th My husband

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