Saturday, October 3, 2009

Loving My Life

I have to admit that lately I have felt a little overwhelmed being a new mom again with a 1 1/2 year old attached to my hip. It comes in waves, just when I think that I am on top of things there is a set back and I realize that this is a learning experience. Today was an especially hard day. Here I am trying to watch conference while I have Jackson screaming at me and Lizzy crying because she is hungry. I swear when it rains it pours. Then I get this great idea to go to the storage unit to get a few things like clothing that I can wear again and baby stuff and all this while taking both kids with me. Well I finally get them in the car (which happens to take an extra 15 minutes now) when the garage opener won't work so I can't get the garage door open. Therefor I have to unstrap the kids, truck them back inside, and have someone help me get the door open. Then when I get to the storage unit all my stuff is in the back other than the stuff I can't get out because it is totally stuck where I can't reach and Jackson is crying because I am more than 5 feet from him.

When I finally think I can't take anymore crying and whining we get back in the car and make the drive home when a sudden sense of peace comes over me. It is sunny outside, I am listening to my favorite Weezer cd, Lizzy is fast asleep in the back, and Jackson is talking to me at a reasonable level and I realize that I can't let little things get me down because I have a great life. Once I let go of my rising anger level I gained more patience and the rest of the day was wonderful. I am so lucky to have my family, my husband, my children, and the church to guide me in my decisions. There are little blessings hiding in every situation, it is our job to step back and find them.
Coloring with washable markers because he still eats the crayons.

Elizabeth enjoying an early evening nap on mom and dad's bed.

(Jack and Lizzy enjoying some tummy time)

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