Tuesday, October 13, 2009

4 weeks = 1 month

Elizabeth is already over 1 month old! This first month has flown by. She is getting bigger (now over 8lbs), eating every 4-5 hours, sleeping at night, and focusing her eyes during the day. Her little personality is showing through. She loves sleeping in her bassinet during the night but not during the day. She likes laying on the couch and hates being put in her car seat. When she is awake she prefers to be held which really makes me wish I had 3 arms. She likes to snuggle in the morning, and is pretty serious with frown wrinkles on her forehead, even when she sleeps. I think she is contemplating the meaning of life in this new world. She only cries when she is hungry or if she is bored. And she hates being on her tummy for more than 5 minutes. She is holding her head up on her own now, smiles at her daddy and she still makes little cooing sounds in her sleep. Sometimes she looks just like Jackson with her eyes big and wide. My mom says she looks like a little old man but she is becoming more and more beautiful every day. She has big blue eyes that I am sure will change to brown eventually, light brown hair, and the softest, olive skin with no baby breakouts. She is a very sweet baby and we are loving every minute we have with her.

PROJECT: I was watching Martha Stewart one day and she had this great idea to take a picture of the baby every month in a 1 year onesie. This way you can monitor her growth and you have a great collection of pictures at the end of the year. Here is her first picture. When the year is over I am going to take them all and have them matted and framed to hang on her wall. Notice the brown and pink outfit matches her room decor :)