Friday, October 23, 2009

Week 6: Weight Update

6 weeks post pregnancy and I am finally cleared to workout again. I have really been feeling the itch to get to the gym or go running (and I actually hate running). This week went really well eating wise. I learned new steps toward moderation like eating a snack bag of chips rather than directly from a big bag, or snacking on apples instead of candy; which is difficult during this time of the year. Anyways, it seems to be working because I dropped 3lbs this past week! Yeah for me! Here are the figures:

Last weeks weight: 138
This week: 135
Goal weight: 120

15lbs to go and only 5lbs to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight.

I rewarded myself on my 5lb goal with a some clothes, I know I just said 1 shirt but I couldn't decide and the cooler weather inspired me to buy a cute jacket too. Oh well, at least I reached 1 goal before I did the shopping!


Brianna said...

Congrats that is exciting. I know mom was excited to have you back for wallyball.

jor said...

Go Jess! You look amazing in all your pictures!