Sunday, October 11, 2009

18 Months

Jackson is officially a year and a half now. He can go into the nursery at church all by himself, he is talking, walking, running, throwing, crying, showing, and everything that a 1 year old does. But he is growing up, right before my eyes and I can see the little boy he has become. He can be a pill at times but he is my son and I have loved getting to know him and learning his little personality over the past 18 months. I am so proud of him every day and so blessed to have him in my life. One of the best parts about being a mother is watching your children learn and knowing that you had something to do with it. Jackson is so smart and helpful, he is a great big brother already always being attentive to what Elizabeth needs. He gives great pucker kisses, sleeps like a champ, and is always willing to be tickled and tackled. I love listening to him talk to his stuffed animals in the morning, and watching him use a fork and spoon because he is so proud of himself. But the best part of my day is when I put him down to bed. We read some books (which he picks out himself, and it is a different book every night), he sits on my lap, gives me kisses, says a prayer with me, and then I lay him down to sleep and he waves bye bye. His laugh lights up the room and I think he gets cuter and cuter every day. He is such a sweet boy and I love him more every day.

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