Thursday, October 15, 2009


Like almost every adult female my weight fluctuates every day. Over the years I have contemplated why this is. First there is water weight which can vary from 3-5lbs every day (uncontrollable because I need to drink lots of water to lose weight). Second, my diet has more to do with my current weight than my exercise routine. Let me explain. Some people can eat whatever they want as long as they work out. I on the other hand need to eat sensibly and I will lose weight even without working out. Exercising just helps me ensure that I am maintaining muscle while I lose the fat. Now when I say sensibly I am not talking about starvation diets, just eating more veggies and fruits and less fat and sugar. Therefore I have decided that my weight is an 80:20 ratio. 80% of losing weight is eating right and 20% is working out. Since I still can't exercise for another week I have really tried to focus on eating right in order to reach my goal.

PROBLEM: I didn't eat bad when I was pregnant but I didn't limit myself either. If I wanted ice cream I ate it, cheetos I ate them, whatever I felt like I ate it. Thankfully I happen to crave a lot of healthy foods but chips and sweets do creep in. Now that I am not pregnant I have been trying to get back to my old habits but the new habits are proving hard to overcome. For example the other night I was really hungry and was trying to decide what I wanted to eat. My first instinct was chips. Now I have never been much of a chip eater (other than tortilla with salsa now and then) but when I was pregnant I craved them all the time. I have to tell you I wanted them. The bag was staring me down, open, calling my name. But I resisted and opted for a small bowl of raisin bran. Now it is not vegetables or a piece of fruit but better than chips so I am calling it a victory for now.

Back to the GOAL:
Pre-pregnancy weight: 130lb
Starting weight at end of pregnancy: 160lbs
Last weeks weight: 140lbs
This weeks weight: 138lbs
Goal weight: 120lbs

Just 18lbs to go in only 10 weeks, I need to focus and get more serious.

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JILLC said...

Jessica I love you. You look great! You are so fantastic to be 8 pounds away from your pre-pregnancy weight and Lizzy is only ONE MONTH! You are doing wonderful. Keep up the good work but don't put too much pressure on yourself to lose it too fast. You rock!