Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

My birthday was last week on Wed. but since it was the middle of a busy week we decided to celebrate it on Sun. The weekend actually started out going to the Suns game on Friday night. It was the best game I have been to even though the Suns lost. It was so loud and electric in the Purple Palace. Everyone was really into the game cheering with the music blasting and the Suns making outrageous last minute shots. It was really nice to go on a fun date with my husband and no babies to worry about.

Then on Sunday my brother-in-law made me a very yummy cake and Brandon's mom made my favorite dish, Thai Shrimp Pasta and orange rolls. Jackson just learned how to blow so he was really into blowing out the candles. Brandon kept lighting them and Jackson kept blowing them out. He must have blew them out 20 times before the candle wouldn't light any more because it was so wet from his spit. Thankfully after the first blowout we took it off the cake so there was very little spit on the cake. He had a blast singing, and opening my presents. He is such a good helper. I got some scrap booking stuff, a day of shopping, a coupon for another date night with Brandon and no babies, and diamond earrings. It was a great birthday and I feel very blessed to have such wonderful people in my life.

I was reflecting on my life and the things I have accomplished by my 27th birthday and I realized I have really lived a lot so far. Here is a short list:

  • I graduated from college
  • I am married to a wonderful husband who loves me and tells me that every day
  • I have two amazing children with their own hilarious personalities
  • I have lived in 3 states and moved about 10 times
  • I taught high school health for 2 years to 10th graders (Sex Ed to teenage boys. . . need I say more)
  • I am continuing my career while being able to stay at home and raise my children
  • I am starting a new career and learning a lot along the way
I have a great life and I wouldn't change one year so far.

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