Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What's New With You?

With all the holiday posts I thought it would be good to give an update on the kiddos. First is Jackson. Jack will be 21 months on Sat and has really advanced in the past month. He still isn't talking a lot but every day he uses new words and has even started some phrases. He has also developed his understanding skills by answering my questions. For example I asked him if he was hungry and he went to the fridge, opened it, opened the drawer, and brought me a block of cheese to slice for him. Or I asked him if he was done in the bath tub and he said no. He is really good at doing chores like bringing me diapers for Lizzy (he even tried to change her diaper the other day and was actually pretty good at it expect he couldn't quite get the flaps to stick), he can take off his own shoes, socks, pants, pjs, and diaper and he can put his shoes and shirts on. He also likes to feed the dogs. The other day I caught him in the pantry filling up the doggie's bowl with dog food all by himself. If he spills something he goes over to the paper towels and points to a paper towel to clean it up. He throws his dirty clothing in the laundry basket and dirty diapers in the diaper bind. He also knows to throw garbage in the garbage can. As you can see he is very helpful around the house.

I feel like any day he is just going to start talking in full sentences. He is eating better too including carrots, sliced apples, and dinner with the family on most nights. But my favorite developmental milestone is that he will play outside by himself now. The other day I watched him from the window he played in the sandbox for awhile, then he road his big wheel around, then he went over to the pool and threw some ping pong balls in and proceeded to bend over and get them out of the pool (which was really appreciated), then he mowed the lawn with his bubble mower, went down the slide a few times, and played a little golf. He was outside for about 30 min total which was really nice to have time to get some things done in the house. And it makes playtime with mom more enjoyable. He is such a great kid and it is so much fun watching him grow and discover new things each day.

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Great pictures Jess!