Thursday, January 14, 2010

My growing flower

Elizabeth is 4 months old already! The time has really flown by. She is such a sweet baby and I love her more and more every day. She has the prettiest blue eyes, I hope they stay so crystal clear blue. She is looking more and more like Jackson every day. She is also drooling and gnawing on her fists all the time which means. . . teething! I really love this age because she is so aware, we are starting to see her personality, but she is still so cuddly and snugly in my arms. We had a doctors appointment today with a new doctor and I really like him. He was great with both the kids, interacting with them and very friendly. I want my kids to love seeing their doctor just like I did when I was a kid. The facility is really nice, warm and welcoming. I am very excited about switching to him.

As for Elizabeth here is her new stats:

Weight 13lbs 11oz (50%)
Height 25.5 inches (95%)
Head 16cm (50%)

She has really chunked up especially in the cheeks. And like her brother she is super tall for her age. Here are some things that she is doing these days:

-she falls asleep on her own and she sleeps at least 10 hours every night
-she smiles at everything and every one
-she likes to play in her exersaucer or on her gym mat
-she hates being on her tummy
-she can hold her head up and likes doing crunches (we lay her down and she will lift her head up like she is doing a stomach crunch, so funny)
-she is ticklish under her arms and thighs; and she has a really funny machine gun laugh
-she loves watching her brother play and watching sportscenter
-she loves the bath tub and kicks like crazy when she is in there
-she likes standing on our laps
-she talks like crazy especially during dinner and church
-she has started reaching for toys, especially ones that make music

She is a delightful baby, so happy and laid back. One issue the doctor was concerned about is her flat head on one side. We have been doing exercises but they don't seem to be making much of a difference so we are going to have to get a helmet to smooth things out.

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Mark, Shannon, and Trey said...

She is beautiful!!!! Random question are you only nursing? That is AMAZING that she sleeps 10 hours at night which is why I am asking? Because I only nursed Trey and he NEVER did that till like 9 months old so I was just wondering for this