Monday, October 17, 2011

Harvast Festival

Man is October flying by or what? I can't believe it is almost Halloween. This is by far my favorite time of the year and my favorite holiday however I haven't even gotten around to many fall activities because we have been so busy. We did however take a trip to the Harvest Festival at the bio park this past weekend.

(On another note why do pumpkin patches cost so much money these days. I remember going to the pumpkin patch with the pumpkins on the vine for free and picking out the perfect pumpkin with my dad growing up. Is that so much to ask for? )

Anyways, the Harvest Festival was really fun. They have all kinds of Halloween decor around the park and new exhibits including a creepy crawly room complete with snakes, softball size spiders, and glow in the dark scorpions...not that we haven't seen enough scorpions in AZ lol. The kids thought the bugs and creepy crawlies were so cool. I was a little grossed out, but just a little.

There was also a country twang band playing, lots of tractors and chickens, and of course pumpkins everywhere. The day was brisk but sunny, perfect fall weather. I really couldn't have asked for a better day to spend with the family outside enjoying the beautiful fall in NM.

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