Sunday, October 2, 2011


Time for an update on our life. As it is General Conference weekend I find myself reflecting on my life. How am I doing as a mother? What are my trials I am facing right now? How can I improve? What do I need from the Lord at this time? What does the Lord need from me?

Here is what I have come up with:

-The work of a mother is never done. No matter how much I try or how well I feel I am doing, there will always be something more to do. I feel I need to spend more time with my children. We may be around each other all day long but how much of that is spent interacting with them. This is an ongoing goal of mine. Some days time just gets away from me. With such a busy life it seems there is never enough time to accomplish everything I want to. I need to cherish this time when they are young and loving and at home with me. Instead of letting them play alone I should put forth more of an effort to play with them. Have tea parties, build train sets, play dress up. I think I take for granted the fact that they are so close and such good friends. I need to realize they need me to play with them not just alone.
**Speaking of, could they be any closer? I love that they are such good friends.
Jackson reading to Elizabeth in bed. Teaching her and asking her questions.
Two peas in a pod. They like to snuggle and sleep together. Melts my heart.

-My trials are simple. I think about all those that are struggling in so many ways and what a blessed life I have right now. Not to say I haven't faced large life changing trials in my life but as of now my largest trial is getting Jackson potty trained. I need to show my gratitude for this relief more often, for the Lord has blessed our family.

-Which brings me to how can I improve? I feel like I am taking the gospel for granted lately. I know it is true but I do not out wordly express that or show that to the Lord as I should. I need to read and pray more often. I need to share more with those in need. I need to find those who need this church in their lives and bring them to the light and happiness. Since I joined the church 10 years ago I feel a burden has been lifted from me. Like I am in an untouchable bubble. Where other people in my life are struggling I do not. Whether it is financially, emotionally, physically, or morally I am protected. Therefore I must remember this and give thanks for these blessings, for they are great!

-What do I need at this time from the Lord? Every time I watch General Conference I try to pray to know or hear what is right for me at this time. Often I do not know what I need to hear. I do know so far that I need to read my scriptures more often. I need to bring the gospel to my children more. Sometimes I think they are so young, just the basics are important but the truth is it is never to early to teach about the Lord and Jesus Christ. I do know that I am hoping to hear about patience. My patience is not great as of lately. I find myself quicker to frustration. Less understanding that my children are only 2 and 3 years old. And I fear that if I do not practice more patience I will lose that respect and feeling of love in my home.

-What does the Lord need from me? He needs me to remember that my children are a blessing to me and he is trusting me to show them the truth. I need to remember that his work and teachings are the words they need to hear and it is my responsibility to teach them and give them the foundation to live righteous lives.

So in review it is simple: More Christ less world is needed in our lives. If we strive for this we will continue to be blessed.

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Jill Carilli said...

Oh Jessie. I love you so much you have no idea. I love your honesty and your reflections. I think you are a wonderful mother, but it is always healthy to take a look at where we can improve. You are amazing! Your passion and devotion to your faith are always there and always strong, you just wear so many hats: Mommy, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Business woman, blogger,creative spirit :) I love you tons, and you are so blessed. xoxo