Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Yup, you heard it SUCCESS! Jackson is officially on his way to being completely potty trained. I didn't want to mention anything too soon in case I might jinx it but it has been 3 days of no diapers. It started with a meltdown.

This weekend I was running a little short on diapers but I didn't want to go and buy more until Monday because I have a Costco coupon. So I told Jack that he had to wear underwear this weekend. Yeah he freaked out. He threw a huge tantrum and cried for like 20min complaining about needing to wear a diaper. But then I asked him if he needed to use the bathroom and he said, "No," so I said, "why do you need a diaper?" I think it clicked. He stopped crying and decided to go with underwear and the toilet. 3 days now, no diapers, and only 1 accident, even through the night.

CELEBRATE and thank goodness. Let's just pray it continues.


sue stock said...

This is huge...congratulations! Tom and Marel told Celia that "diapers don't fit you anymore" and that did it. For what it's worth, girls are easier to train so Lizzie should be a breeze!

Miss M! said...

YAY! Go Jackson!