Saturday, April 4, 2015

Christmas 2014

We were given many blessings this Christmas. A new healthy baby, Grandma Miller visiting, and a beautiful growing family; I felt very close to the savior this year. As our family grows I hope we are setting a good example and standards especially for spiritual holidays. The kids loved having Grandma visit and using baby Will in our annual nativity play. It is so wonderful to see them grow and share their little testimonies of the birth of the savior and his part in their lives. 

Even with a week old baby we still managed to uphold some of our favorite Christmas time traditions. Making chocolates, visiting the temple lights, the nativity play, and a trip to the playground on Christmas day. It was a wonderful time of year. 

Elizabeth takes her role as the angel very seriously. She even told me that she was glad William is a boy so that she won't have to compete with another girl for the role.
We told Christian we had to put on our costumes. He insisted on being Iron Man instead of a shepherd. It was a Christmas miracle.
Our little nativity family.
 We made and ate Christmas cookies.

A Christmas in the Stoker house is not complete without a few Superheroes around. 
 And we opened a few presents. Lizzy received a new pink and purple bike from Santa complete with a basket and a seat for her doll on the back. 
Her goal this year is to learn how to ride without training wheels. 
 Jackson received a new karate uniform.
baby daddy snuggles are the best
1 week old, sporting his Christmas gear.
 Baby and Grandma on Christmas morning.
 Christian loves being a big brother.
 Elizabeth and Jackson making some cookies with Lizzy's Easy-Bake-Oven

 We love the temple, especially during temple lights. It is a chance for the kids to go to the temple and learn more about the birth of Christ with a fun twist. Plus most of the time it is the only chance we have to get bundled up for an outside adventure. Christian passed out by the end, so sweet.

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