Sunday, April 12, 2015

Feb Park Play Days and Learning New Things

The older kids have been working hard in school. They hate waking up in the morning, I literally have to drag them out of bed by their feet every morning and I always feel like we are in a rush. For some reason Brandon has been luck waking them up. It must be a dad thing because he just threatens to tickle them and gives them a little snuggle and out they come like little pop tarts.

However, they love school. When they come off the bus they are always telling me about all the events, what their friends are up to, what they did on the playground, and how much they love their teachers. We are so happy with Barbara Bush Elementary and that we switched back. It is like a family, all the neighborhood kids ride the bus, and we always want to be a part of the school events.
Liz dressed for 80's day
Jackson with the rainbow mohawk he won at school.
Lizzy learned how to ride her bike with no training wheels. It only took 2 days of trying.
Lizzy and her friend Tanner at Butterfly Wonderland with her class.
Christian is growing up too. I feel like he has really become a boy and found his voice since Will was born. He loves the fact that he is a big brother and not the baby anymore (which makes it much easier on me). He is working on potty training, loves dressing up like super heroes, loves chocolate milk, and misses the kids like crazy when they are at school. Every day he walks to the bus stop with me to pick them up and we sit on the curb and wait for the bus to come. Then he waves to the bus driver and gives the kids a big hug when they get off the bus.

We spend a lot of time at the park these days. The weather is so beautiful in Feb. and the orange blossoms smell amazing. We run around, swing on the swings, and breathe the fresh air. I love park days. So many great memories of playing and picnics.

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