Sunday, April 5, 2015


At the end of January we had two of our favorite vistors come to town. Aunt Sarah and Uncle Steve came into town to meet baby Will. But the best part is the Seahawks were in the Superbowl. We spent the week partying HAWK style and attending all the football events. 

 While the kids were in school Christian, Sarah, Steve, William, and I headed down to Scottsdale. We found lots of vendors and freebees, watched the ESPN broadcasts, and sought out to find some great Hawk gear. There was a man dressed up like a statue covered in white. The kids were able to paint and make their mark on the man. Christian was hilarious. He was so unsure about going up to paint him. It was like he knew that what he was doing was suppose to be bad, but we were urging him to do it. Once he warmed up to the statue he had a lot of fun.

 A look at the new ESPN cast, now that's a good looking group.

Later that week we headed to the NFL experience in downtown Phoenix. This was the experience of a lifetime. The kids got decked out in their HAWK gear thanks to Sarah and Steve. Christian was the best yelling "GO HAWKS" everywhere he went. He totally got into the football zone.

 The kids dressed up like pro players, participated in drills, met players, and collected lots of free NFL gear. It was a blast. They even jumped into a foam pit and caught a ball along the way.

Our last stop was Hawk Fest the Saturday before the big game. Thousands of Seahawk fans gathered together in Phoenix to celebrate our Superbowl repeat team. It was awesome to see all that navy and green. We waited in line for an hour to get into the party and we were worried we wouldn't even get in. So we decided to head out and check out the rest of the area when we noticed the line was considerably shorter on the other side, WHOOPS. We went right in and had a great time hanging with the 12's. The kids even met baby Blitz. Then on our way back home we noticed the Beast Bus parked on the side of the street in a parking lot. We made a quick turn and pulled in just wanted to get a picture in front of the bus. Instead they welcomed us with open arms. We all boarded the bus, chatted with the people, had a few snacks and the the kids even got to honk the horn (which was REALLY LOAD). It was awesome!!! Best part of the day by far. 


 Finally it was the day of the big game. We made all the great football food, Sarah decked out my house in Hawk colors, and we enjoyed a great game. Unfortunately we lost on the stupidest play in the history of the Superbowl. It was a heartbreaker. We were all sad for about a week after the game. Good news is we were able to take in all the festivities before hand and it was definitely a time we will all never forget.

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