Sunday, July 25, 2010

Caught in the Act

The kids are really feeling at home in our new home now and they like to show me that by being mischievous. Elizabeth is moving around all over and getting into everything. Jackson likes to tell her no, when he knows she isn't suppose to get into things, however he likes to get into all kinds of trouble too. Here are some pictures of me capturing them in the moment.

Here is what is new with them.

Jackson is talking a lot. Repeating everything and using new words every day. He likes to tell me to come sit with him "you sit right here" and to watch movies with me in my bed. He loves Mickey Mouse. He found a Mickey doll at the bookstore the other day and informed me that "Mickey is going home with me". He also loves Nemo. Everything is Nemo these days. He also loves his Shark pool. It is the shape of a shark and squirts water out the top. He used to be scared but now he loves it. He refuses to take naps which makes it hard for me but we started movie afternoons, where he watches a movie during nap time in my room so mom can take a break. He is also getting really into trains. Every time we go anywhere with a train set he spends the entire time playing with the trains. He is learning to be nicer to Lizzy and careful around her because he tends to play a little rough.

Lizzy is taking steps, up to 5 now. She pulls up on everything, opens all the drawers and cabinets in the entire house, and likes to dump everything out on the floor. Most days our house looks like a tornado came through. She has 3 teeth and still a great smile. Her favorite toy is a push cart that she takes all over the house walking behind it. She only takes 1 nap now which is nice because it is long and we can go and play in the mornings. She can say mama, dada, and bye bye, loves playing patty cake with my hands and she likes to tackle Jackson (which gets a little crazy because like I said Jackson plays rough). My favorite thing she is doing now is giving me big open mouth, slobbery kisses. Baby kisses are the best.

Such a girl, already into make up. Check out that lipstick! We moved the decorative balls up after that.

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