Friday, July 16, 2010

New Project

I have really been working on my sewing skills this summer and coming up with fun ideas for projects. My recent project was a baby present for my close friend Kim who is having her second girl in Sept. For this project I created a bib, onesie (with ruffles on the bottom of course) and a pillow case dress. The dress was my new project. I have seen them on other girls and I knew that they were really easy to make but I didn't know anyone who knew how to make them. So I went on U-TUBE, where you can find anything, and watch a few videos on how to make them. Most of the videos were not very helpful. They gave a general idea though which is what I needed. So I got to work. First I created the pillow case out of the fabric that I liked. These dresses are designed to use vintage pillow cases but you can use any fabric you want. So I cut the pillow case shape, measured the arms based on one of Lizzy's dresses, and finished the neckline with some cute poka dot ribbon. I think it turned out really well and I learned a lot about how to change it for the next time. Now all I have to do is make one for Lizzy because she looks so cute in it.

This last picture is Lizzy free standing. She is getting really good at it and I think she will start walking on her own any day now.

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Brianna said...

Wow she is already standing! She is getting so grown up.