Saturday, July 3, 2010

It's Hot Hot Hot

Wow it is definitely summer time here in Arizona. It is at least 105 every day now. I love the sun but the heat is really tough with kids. I have to make sure to slather them with SPF 50 every morning, turn on the air conditioning in my car and let it cool down before I put them in where ever we go, and keeping them hydrated is a constant battle. It is hot. But the water play is so much fun. This week we went to the pool and the splash pad.

As many of you know I belong to a mother's group. It is a group of moms that I met through the internet. They have kids ranging from newborns to 5 years old and live throughout the valley. We get together at least 1 time each week for different activities. One place that we went to was the Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center. It is a really fun pool that has a zero depth area (deepest part is like 3 ft), water slides, and a giant bucket that dumps water every few minutes. At first the kids were hesitant but we have been a few times now and they love it. Well this week I got really brave and I took the kids by myself. We had a great time. I thought I would been to overwhelmed to enjoy it but once we got there it was really nice to spend some time with just the kids and myself. Lizzy loves the water but since she is such a mover now I had to hold her the whole time. Thankfully Jackson has been really brave and independent for the past week and he played in the water with out having to be permanently attached to my hip. He went down the slide all by himself, pulled the levers that dump water on his head, and every time the big bucket dumped the water he would yell, "ooohh, BIG Water Dump." We spent 2 hours there and by the time we were done the kids were sleeping soundly in their seats.
Then on Friday we went to a splash pad at a local mall. You might be asking yourself, what is a splash pad? It is a place that has water that shoots up from the ground at different heights sporadically. They have a lot of them throughout the valley but the one at the mall is close and easy. Jackson doesn't usually like splash pads but in the past few days he has learned that they are really fun. He was running through it, putting his face in the water, and sitting on top of the water that was shooting up. It was so much fun to watch him play. And Elizabeth loves the water. She tries to grab it and splashes around. As I was watching her play she leaned over and opened her mouth to try to drink the water. Then the water started to go down so she leaned farther and farther until her face was on the ground sucking the water. Really gross I know, but it was so funny. She is fearless. She likes to be right in the middle of all the excitement so I can usually find her crawling over to the most powerful water splashes. My little baby daredevil.

We also went to the mall and walked around to get out of the heat. Jackson loves shopping and Lizzy likes the stroller so it is a nice break from the heat. While we were walking around we went by a small carousal and Jackson jumped on to go for a ride. The carousal was broken so it wouldn't go around by they still had fun pretending they were driving. They are really great kids. A lot of work and tiring but I love them so much I can't spend a day away.

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