Monday, July 12, 2010

Elizabeth, where is my baby?

Where is my baby? That is the question I have been asking myself lately when I look at Elizabeth. She is just growing too fast. Right in front of my eyes. I feel like I blink and she is doing something new. I know the second child grows up faster than the first but I am just not ready for her to be talking and walking.

When Jackson was growing out of baby hood I was constantly looking for the next milestone. When is he going to smile, sit up, crawl, walk? With Elizabeth the milestones are flying by and all the sudden my infant is no longer an infant but almost a year old. I really need to pay more attention otherwise I will wake up one morning to make up, rock music, and a boyfriend that rides a Harley. (Every father's nightmare).

So here are her current milestones and what she has been up to.

-She is now 10 months old.
-Cruising around all the furniture
-Loves holding our hands and walking around
-Calls me mama and Brandon dada (it is so sweet when she is sad because she gets her little lower lip out and says mamamamamama, I can't resist it).
-She loves chasing Jackson around, where ever he is she wants to be
-She has 1 tooth on the bottom and the other one is coming in next to it
-She eats table food and loves everything we give her, best eater ever!
-She is a huge flirt. Flashing that smile at everyone and giggling.
-She loves people in general and loves to be held
-She is very observant. When I read books she notices when pictures match. Like the ball on the cover is the same ball inside the book.
-She is crawling and scooting. Usually scooting when she wears dresses.
-She is really good with her hands holding bottles, cups, and picking up food with her fingers
-She waves and says bye, bye
-She claps her hands and my hands when we play patty-cake
-She still has really crystal blue eyes
-She pulls up on everything
-She likes opening cupboards and drawers

The one thing I notice the most about her is she has charisma. People and children are drawn to her. Everyone tells me what a beautiful baby she is. They want to hold her and play with her. When we go to play places kids come over and want to play with her and hug her. Today she was in the daycare at the gym and a little boy went up to her and kissed her on the lips. People are drawn to her and she knows that they are putty in her hands.

We had her 9 month check-up a week ago and she didn't even cry when she got her shots. So brave. Here are her stats:

Height: 30 inches (97%)
Weight: 19lbs (75%)

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Mark, Shannon, Trey & Boston said...

It is so weird how much faster it goes 2nd time around!!!!! It makes me sad lol!!!