Monday, July 19, 2010

How to stay cool in AZ summer?

That is the question I have been asking myself lately. But let me add something to it..."How to stay cool and have fun in the AZ summer?" We can only go swimming so many times before the kids get bored and mom is exhausted. So here is what we discovered in our search for fun this past week.

On Monday we went to Barns and Noble. They have a children's book reading every Monday and Friday where they read a book and then have a fun craft. This week we ran into our friends Heather and Gabriella. We haven't seen them in a really long time so it was so fun to spend time catching up. Jackson and Gabriella were so cute holding hands to go and listen to the book and then coloring next to each other. After the book reading we played with the trains and read some books on our own, then we went to the play area. After that we went to the puppy store and by that time it was so hot and the kids were so tired it was time for a nap.
On Tuesday we met up with Heather and Gabriella again at the Artville Museum in Mesa. Liz and Lexie met us there too. I have never been but it was awesome. So kid friendly and there was so much to do. We spend 3 hours there playing and doing activities. They have a music section, a train section, tables with stamps & coloring, puzzles, a kitchen/grocery section, huge stacking blocks, and a baby section just for Lizzy. Jackson and Liz were having so much fun playing that a photographer who is creating a book on Mesa life asked if he could take some pictures of the kids. They sure do love the camera.

Then on Thur we went to Toy Town and met up with some of our friends from our mother's groups. Sorry no pictures. Toy Town is awesome because it is just a big room full of toys and you can hang out all day. They have baby toys, trains, driving cars, dress up clothes, and little houses for playing house. We have been there a few times before but I have never seen Jackson have such a good time. He played with everything, and was very independent. He found these huge Nemo fish and carried them around everywhere. (He is obsessed with Nemo, everything is Nemo. Even his favorite Elmo and Curious George stuffed animals are named Nemo). We stayed for 4 hours and I had to drag Jackson out by his shorts.

The rest of the week was spent hanging at our house, cleaning and playing. Jackson is actually a really big help with cleaning. He likes to vacuum and dust for me. Lizzy loves the dish washer. She isn't much help but she is sure cute.

The last picture is everyone eating breakfast. Jackson insists on Elmo and George (NEMO) eat breakfast with him. He pretends like he is feeding them. I have to remind him to take bites too. It is so funny, I love make believe.

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Brianna said...

I want to join him for breakfast too.