Saturday, July 31, 2010

Today's Project

Ok, so I am not trying to do a project every day but it seems like it has been going that way this week. I am fortunate to be on break from school and having the kids take naps at the same time has really made it easier for me to do some craftiness around the house. Today I got out the cricut again and cut some vinyl quotes for the walls. Now I am not going to go crazy with the quotes but a few touches here and there are fun. I don't like it when there are quotes and annotations all over the house (personally I think it is a little tacky) but a few are kind of quirky which I like. I started in Lizzy's room because as I said her room needs a lot of work. I think I am going to add another one above her crib in addition to the one above her changing table.

Then I put another one about the laundry room because I think the quote is so funny.

Word to the wise, the transfer paper is really sticky. The quotes are really easy to make. Just pick your quote and color of vinyl. Place the vinyl on your cutting mat and smooth out to get rid of any bubbles. Cut the letters using whatever cartridge you like. Peel off the sticky part of the transfer paper and set it aside. Place your quote on the other half of the transfer paper (the none sticky part) face up and arrange it the way you would like it to look on the wall. Make sure to take the backing off the vinyl before you put it down. Then place the sticky part of the transfer paper on top of the quote and smooth it out as much as possible. Peel the sticky transfer paper off (the letters will be stuck at this point) and place on the wall. Smooth it to the wall and peel back the transfer paper leaving the beautiful quote on the wall. It is actually really easy. Just make sure to keep your transfer paper away from everything. I accidentally tried to bring both sheets at the same time and they got stuck together. This would only happen to me but just in case, take your time and be careful. Fun and easy project, DONE>


Miss M! said...

Nothing wrong with doing projects on multiple consecutive days! I like seeing what you make. I like what you came up with. I myself haven't been brave enough to try the vinyl. I have a Silhouette instead of a Cricut but they sell it for that machine too.

Heather said...

The fonts you used are great!! The only good letter cartridge I have is that Mickey Mouse one...I don't want a bunch of quotes in the same bubbly kid font!! Great job!

Lisa Glowacka said...

Jess...omg can you make me a vinyl for my laundry room! I was going to get one on Etsy but I'd rather pay you :)